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Happy Composting — 8 types of people who need an automatic kitchen composter at home

Do you think compost is only for country bumpkins? Is it easier to simply throw the organic waste into the garbage bin? Do you believe KALEA won’t fit your green lifestyle? Today we share 8 types of people who need an automatic kitchen composter from now on.

Dieser Beitrag ist auch auf Deutsch verfügbar. Du findest ihn hier. (Links to our German blog post)

If you are a…

1. City lover

You love shopping, your balcony, and the café in your hood. You are a real city person, and you love your Scandinavian inspired apartment. Great! There is usually no room for a traditional compost heap, and time is limited. Let KALEA be your modern home compost heap. It’s quiet, odorless, hygienic, and without much effort, your organic waste becomes nutritious compost. Every day. Composting in the city rocks!

2. Hobby chef

Your culinary sense is known throughout your circle of friends. You surprise yourself with your fresh, healthy, and unusual creations. Then you surely know about the mountains of kitchen scraps that you encounter after every cooking session. While you are doing the dishes or letting your perfectly equipped dishwasher do the job, KALEA turns your kitchen scraps into fresh compost — you can even use leftovers from cooked food, dairy, and meat products. The fresh compost from your kitchen compost carry can then be given away as a gift for your next round of enjoyment. Think circular!

3. Chef of the family

No top chef can match your potato peeling speed. In your spacious family kitchen, you always have the chef's hat on, and you inspire your little and big gourmets with a variety of delicious menus. Unlike conventional compost piles or other indoor composters, KALEA allows you to turn any kind of food into compost. Of course, only if there is something left over from your delicacies. Stay healthy!

4. Plant lover

Your home is like a jungle. You can't walk past any plant store, and each of your green treasures has its own name. Besides light and love, you already know that plants need one thing above all else: enough nutrients. At home, plant roots are in closed soil and cannot extract the minerals from the ground themselves. With your homemade KALEA compost, your plants get a green booster, and you will always have enough fertilizer at hand whenever you want. Because plants are friends!

5. Smoothie lover

Your kitchen runs the best smoothie bar in town. In the morning, there's nothing like freshly squeezed orange juice, and your motto is liquid instead of solid. That way you stay in flow. But a lot of pressed and mixed things = a lot of fruit and vegetable scraps. Instead of slurping and throwing everything into the garbage barrel, use KALEA and make fresh compost out of the leftovers. Perfect for celery, which you will probably soon grow yourself for juicing. Keep juicing!

6. Lazybones

Your apartment is located on what feels like the 147th floor. Every trip to the first floor is well planned. Walking up the stairs after emptying your stinking organic waste? No thanks. With an electric kitchen composter, you save yourself from the annoying stairs, and you can use the extra time to do other great things in your ivory tower. Home sweet home!

7. Smart homie

Your home is networked. You take the smart home theme to the next level. From the front door key to the bathwater temperature, you are digital. Let KALEA become your new digital darling — bring the first smart and automatic kitchen composter into your home, and make real compost from your organic waste. Rock your kitchen!

8. Eco enthusiast

You shop #LessWaste, and your selection of storage cans is bigger than your shoe cupboard. A worm bin is not an option for your home, because you want to recycle all your kitchen waste and not just a part. Did you know that wrongly disposed of organic waste causes methane gas, which is 20 times more dangerous than CO2? With KALEA, you can do something good for yourself, your plants, and the earth. Stronger together!

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Ein elektrischer Komposter in der Küche erspart dir lästiges Treppenlaufen und auch ohne eigenen Garten oder Balkon kannst du etwas Nützliches aus deinem Biomüll machen. Unsere einzigartige Kompostiermaschine verbindet Natur mit High-Tech und ermöglicht es dir, Zuhause selbst zu kompostieren. 


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